The BOBOLU story and the power of positive quotations

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Hello and welcome to my first post!   So here we are…BOBOLU (and Trish Gallagher’s) first ever blog.  I believe passionately in the power of words. That’s why I’ve created a range of products that incorporate positive quotations and empowering affirmations.  Designed to awaken optimism and encourage growth and expansion, these products are the ideal way to enhance your home or office.  My wish for you is that, here at BOBOLU, you will find the perfect gift for yourself or others.

The Power of Positive Quotations & Affirmations

I’ve always been a great believer in the power of positive quotations and affirmations. For as long as I can remember I’ve been drawn to them because of the positive vibes they emit. I have found that when life has thrown me a curve ball or put road blocks in my way I have always turned to positive affirmations or uplifting quotations to take me to a better place in my head. By scribbling these on post it notes and strategically placing them around my house, they help to change my thinking and bring about a positive change in my life.

I bought my first book of quotations over 20 years ago. A tiny little book, no bigger than the size of a box of matches, I still have and refer to it. And from there my love of quotations, positive affirmations and feel good messages grew. A big fan of Louise Hay, a master in positive philosophy, I travelled to San Diego to attend one of her seminars and as well as traveling to hear the likes of Tony Robins, Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson and Robert Holden, all gurus in positive thinking and personal development.

The Story of Bobolu


Bobolu Designs

So the name….its quiet simple really, we have two gorgeous children called Bobby and Lucy, hence I called the company BOBOLU. On a rare occasion when my husband Sean and I had the opportunity to get a night away together, and armed with nothing but a pen and a glass of wine, we started writing versions of their names on a coaster. That was the beginning.  

I came home the following night, took out a flip chart and came up with BOBOLU; Bob-o-Lu. Hopefully as they get older they’ll come to understand why I came up with that name. In time, I want them to know that it is important for me to have a career & fulfil my own needs. I also want them to know that I love them beyond measure and calling my company after them encompasses both my love for them as well as doing a job I love.

Bobolu Designs
Bobby & Lucy

My Mission

My mission with BOBOLU is to spread that positive vibe which will hopefully help others in their own pursuit of happiness and success, be it in their personal lives, careers or businesses.  Shop by collection on our website full of stunning wall decor for your home or office including Corporate, Contemporary, Photographic, Typography and Black & White designs.  Don’t forget to follow us on social media #BOBOLUdesigns

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